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Quick update!

I'm tired and hot and I have playa dust in places I didn't even know I had!

I'm having a great time.

Some anarchists tried to have a protest last night in sympathy with the protests in NYC. They wore black bandanas over their faces (and nothing else). Most of them got into the Burning Man spirit by finding new laws to protest against (like the laws of gravity and diminishing returns). Someone had a sign that said "Intel Fascists: Repeal Moore's Law!" I don't think they were talking about Michael Moore. Can any of my nerd fans explain that one to me?

Sadly, some of them drank a little too much and lost their sense of humor. Someone got into a fight with some libertarians, and the rangers had to bust some heads (in a very affirming way).

Things is good out here! But I'm getting kicked off this laptop so I gotta post now.

EDIT: This entry in the semi-annual LJ vacation ghostwriting prank actually authored by shoutingboy
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