Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

weirdest packing list EVAR

scrambling to get ready for Burning Tree (as mom calls it), keep adding things to the to do/to pack list:

to do:
sew/glue fur trim on red bikini for "summer Santa" outfit
put all food in ziplock bags
hardboil eggs
get keys made at hardware store for catsitter(s)

add to packing list:

Dr. Bronner's soap (requested by campmate, dilute dilute ok!)
5 gallons of gas (requested by campmate, do not dilute)
4 tennis balls (to cap rebar tent stakes with so they don't injure anyone)
WD-40 (for bicycle)
100 CDs (for radio station shift)
portable victrola and 78s

I've been thinking about what CDs and 78s to bring, but have yet to select any pants, or in fact, any clothing other than bunny ears, santa hat, and devil horns. weather this year is supposed to be cold and windy more often than hot and dry, so will probably overpack to cover all bases.

I know I'm probably forgetting something major. hopefully whatever it is can be acquired along the way...

I leave Saturday at quarter past ungodly am. whee!

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