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I am in total agony

another day off wasted by staying in bed during the daylight hours, with an ironic punchline .

I got home from work Friday at 7pm dog tired. I thought about eating something, as the last thing I'd consumed was a sandwich and a Coke ( note: this detail is important) at 1pm, but decided I needed sleep more than food. Napped, woke up at 11pm, ate some noodles, drank tea, went back to bed at 4am or so.

Woke up at noon with THE WORST headache I've ever had that wasn't related to a hangover. I'd not had a drop of alcohol to drink, yet I had a headache of New Year's Day/21st birthday proportions. luckily, not being hungover, I didn't have the dry mouth or the dizziness, but it was still bad enough that given the choice of staying in bed or walking down the hall to get aspirin, I chose to remain in bed. I only emerged from bed and 4pm when I could put off a trip to the bathroom no longer, and took the aspirin then, since I was already in the same room with them.

And what caused this terrible pain? Caffeine. or rather, lack of it. As I wandered down the hall, I thought, wow, the only time I've had a non illness, non alcohol related, non I've been working around paint fumes or solvents, headache like this was when I cut my caffeine intake by a can of coke and a cup of coffee (about 1/3 of my daily consumption), and .... Oh. A cup and a half of coffee later, I'm now feeling dandy.

So let this be a lesson to all you caffeine freaks out there. if you fuck with your sleeping schedule, DO NOT fuck with your caffeine intake schedule. I just unwittingly went without caffeine for 28 hours (the tea was herbal), and boy, was my body was pissed about it.

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