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How not to name your academic book:a game you can play!

Got a scholarly book in the donation pile today.

It will help us play a new game called "What not to name your book if you want anyone to read it".

Here's how you play:

first, look at the cover and the title:

okay, now try to guess what the book is about just by looking at the title. Don't cheat by scrolling down and reading the description.

Okay, give up?

Tender Violence: Domestic Visions in an Age of U.S. Imperialism (Cultural Studies of the United States)

Book Description

Laura Wexler presents an incisive analysis of how the first American female photojournalists contributed to a "domestic vision" that reinforced the imperialism and racism of turn-of-the-century America. These women photographers, white and middle class, constructed images of war disguised as peace through a mechanism Wexler calls the "averted eye," which had its origins in the private domain of family photography.

Maybe it's just me, but I would have put the word "photojournalism" somewhere in the subtitle. "Domestic visions" really hasn't made its way into the lexicon as a synonym for "photographs of people".

so, did anyone have any good guesses for what the book was about? How close were you?

Does the actual topic interest you enough to make you want to read the book (if you could tell what the hell it was about in the first place)?

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