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I'm the best!

So on Tuesday ( I think), a patron at the library sez: "I saw you in the Columbus Monthly" (which is a glossy mag full of posh restaurant reviews, pics of bigwigs at charity events, and maybe 10% interesting content), to which I said, "huh"? Turns out that their July "Best Of Columbus" issue has me on page 41 under the category "Best Mobile Art", with a color photo that they apparently got from the Other paper (the cool weekly) photographer, who snapped it back in February for a story the Other Paper did on me and Disk Drive. Of course, neither me or the car looks like the photo anymore; my hair is now short and blonde, DD is now much more colorful. I'm on the same page as Bono ("best week for Concerts"), but my pic is larger. :-)

So Wednesday is the Doo Dah parade; art cars participating are me, Greg and "Summer Art Car", Scott and the Plaid car, and Joe from Houston with his Pollock-mobile. As we're crawling along at 5 miles an hour with the windows down, I keep hearing the comments "Oh, I saw that car in the Monthly!" or "hey, it's that librarian that was in the paper!" Almost of the comments were positive/encouraging, there were only a few that Totally Did Not Get It. The parade was great fun, I had a blast. Joe Pollock-mobile will be at Artscape in Balto, so I'll see him again in a week even though he doesn't live in Cowtown.

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