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when life give you lemons, make lemonade. when life gives you a cat with horrible diarhea.....

So for about a week, there's been a new guy in my house. I've named him Henry after a recently fallen feline companion of a friend of mine, though his original owners called him Jake. He totally doesn't look like a Jake. Anyway, Jake/Henry was scheduled to be put down, and my old neighbor the veterinarian asked if I would be his foster mom for a few weeks until a place opened up in the no-kill shelter. I said yes, not knowing what I was getting into, and now sometimes I'm feeling that ex-neighbor owes me big for this.

Henry is a wonderfully sweet cat, which is apparently what saved him from death. He had awful kidney problems that the owners couldn't afford to fix, and his gentle disposition made the vets at the clinic do his surgery anyway after the owners decided to let him go. So now he's here, with 2 healing incisions on his belly and no penis (apparently some urethreal problems are so severe you have to shorten the urethra, which means...) and a horrible case of diarrhea. I don't blame him for shitting all over my bedspread; if I had a healing incision from my navel to my anus, I probably wouldn't feel like traveling 20 feet to defecate either.

but oh god, the smell. he has to wear a cone around his neck to keep him from licking the incision, thus he can't groom himself. his hindquarters have shit dried into the fur. he's got 3 types of medicine; an antibiotic, an anti diarrheal, and a painkiller, all which have to be administered orally. I'm not too good at shooting the liquid into his mouth, so it's a struggle that ends with him drooling prodigiously and me with medicine spit onto my hands and clothes.
I have, since the bedspread incident, confined him to one room (with a kitty bed, litterbox and food/water); he apparently felt well enough last night to scratch at the door all night, attempting to pry it open, making an awful racket whilst I had a gentleman caller I was trying to pay attention to instead.

I'm not really the nursemaid type, and when I am, it's easier to nurse someone/something that isn't so smelly and isn't spraying shit all over the walls/bedding/floor. But still, he does appear to be healing, and I'm sure he'll be a lot more pleasant to be around when he doesn't smell so foul. He really does have a great disposition, despite all he's been thru. If this is any sign of what he's like when healthy, I'll prolly keep him rather than turn him over to the shelter; he's not the cute Siamese twins, but he's still pretty sweet.

In other weekend news:

Saw Mullholland Drive on Friday. Whoa! I knew nothing about it going in, so I was pleasantly surprised. I had no idea it would be so..er, Sapphic. think I'll see it again when it's out on video to see if I can follow the plot twists.

Saturday: saw the Grand Guignol plays at madlab. fun as always. my favorite Canadian Jason Dahmer was excellent in his roles. some noise band was playing afterwards and apparently members/followers commented to Greg the house manager that my artcar was cool. it was suggested that I should stay for the music, but food at the Dube and time with a certain gentleman (other than Henry, I mean) beckoned.

Sunday: slept an embarrassingly long time, hung out with lemur, watched a 70's Hong Kong ripoff of King kong called "Mighty Peking Man", part of Tarantino's "Rolling Thunder" video vanity label. I paid 79 cents for this at the thrift, though it might have been worth it to pay thrice that to rent it and have it gone from my house after viewing, since I will assuredly never have the occasion to watch it again. yet another thing to list on half.com....

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