Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Dear qwestdex yellow pages:

I remember when you changed your heading from "Records and tapes-retail" to "Compact discs, tapes and records- retail", even though "record" is often meant to mean "recording" and not "vinyl LP". But I was okay with that; it's important to change terminology as times change.

So I have to ask you what the deal is with "Stereo & Hi Fi--New and used". Hi-fi?! Has anyone born after 1950 ever used this term, even ironically? To me, a "hi-fi" is something you use to play tunes from the "hit parade", while wearing a "sweater set" or "pedal-pushers". Or has this term retained meaning for the serious audiophile set?

Also, I need to get an oil change for my "horseless carriage" and can't seem to find that heading in your book- please advise.



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