Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Elzar update

My dog needs a bath, but not because of typical doggy smell. I'm sure this is my imagination working overtime, but whenever he's really close to me, he smells like a crawfish boil, full of spicy Zatarain's immersions and the slightest hint of crustacean. This is in general a good, comforting smell, but I have no idea why he'd smell like that up here in Seattle (even though he and I did attend a crawfish boil in Louisiana on Memorial Day the day before he came home). I am resisting the urge to garnish him with corn and potatoes and serve with Dixie beer, though.

I have been crating him while I'm at work, which seems to be working okay thus far. We've now been 3 days without an inappropriate chewing, so that's good news.

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