Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

I can check out anytime I like, but I can never leave.

Went to Portland Friday with Brian and Donna for the Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 show, their first in many, many years. The show itself was good, just about as good as all the times I've seen them back in the Bay area. as they hadn't played PDX in 8 years, the crowd was understandably excited. Near the end of their set, some man jumped up on stage and calmly hugged all 5 members during a break between songs. Never thought of the Fellers as a cuddlecore band, but there you are.

The most notable thing the next day was our ignorance of Portland's Rose Parade and that it would reroute traffic hellishly. Brian and I had crashed at the house of a friend of his in the southern part of PDX, while Donna was in the Belmont area. Going to retrieve Donna the next morning literally took 80 minutes as we got detoured, rerouted, and otherwise you-can't get-there-from-here-d. Consequently, we lost lots of time and didn't get back to Seattle til after 5pm, and considering Brian and I had left to pick up Donna at 11am....

It reminded me of my last Portland trip in December 2003. Ivan and I had gone for Santarchy, and left bleary-eyed the next afternoon after a leisurely breakfast (I must have paid for it). We drive and drive and stop for gas in Kelso, WA, and as he's attempting to pay for it, Ivan realizes that his wallet (with money, debit card, and driver's license) is not on his person. We retrace steps and figure it fell out of his coat at the place we stayed in PDX, and so we have 2 options: return and fetch it, or press on and hope our friend can find it and fedex it back. Given that Ivan's "wallet" is a slim cigarette/business card holder type of metal box, it might be easy to miss. and there's the problem that Ivan's car is a stickshift, which I can't drive, and so if we keep going to seattle, he'll have to drive unlicensed. So we drive ALL the way back to Portland to get the damn thing, adding about 2-3 hours to our travel time.

I'm not superstitious, but I'm beginning to think Portland just doesn't want me to leave and throws obstacles in my path to make the parting as painful as possible.

When I returned home, Ivan (who was babysitting Elzar) informed me that it was time to buy a new cellphone charger, as Elzar had snacked on mine while Ivan wasn't looking. This is the priciest thing he's eaten yet ($30). I'm thinking I should start a "football pool" to guess the dollar amount of his next destruction.

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