Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

or not...

yesterday I posted:
3) I got a big bunch of yardwork done this weekend, like the responsible homo-wner I am. I have a lilac tree now. yay.

Let me amend that. I had a lilac tree, but thanks to Elzar and some strategic digging and chewing, I now have a gallon-sized hole and a bunch of twigs. After the peeing inside and slipper-easting episode, I thought leaving him outside while I was at work was a better idea. whoops.

Went to the post office today to find it will be closed Friday for Federal Day of Mourning, which seems odd. As the post office is unionized and is getting a paid holiday out of this, I wonder if it would have made The Gipper mad to know his death would result in a three-day weekend for them. Also, I wish that somehow, the air-traffic controllers got a holiday as well.

Instead of a 40 ouncer, I propose we pour some ketchup on the ground for Ronnie.

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