January 3rd, 2010


2009 in review

February: Sold my West Seattle house after 8 months on the market. Still made a little money from it, too despite it being an awful time to be selling.

April: Got engaged, started planning wedding.

July: 1 year anniversary for both my job and our living in the Ballard apartment.

August: Skipped Burning Man. Got married. Honeymooned in Fiji.

September: took Paul's last name as my own. My long national nightmare of being mispronounced, misspelled and at the end of all alphabetical lists is finally over. Still learning to sign it on checks in December.

October: While casually house shopping to start getting a feel for what we might like, we find The House. Our offer is accepted. Due to it being an awful time to be selling, we get a great deal.

December. We move into our new home a week before Christmas. Our Xmas celebrations are therefore downscaled and involve no traveling out of town, which makes for a somewhat relaxed holiday.

so 2008 (new job, new cohabitation with future spouse) and 2009 (one house sold, one purchased, new marital status) are pretty neck-and-neck for the "years with the most life-changing events in 12 months" award. Now I can slack in 2010.