May 2nd, 2009


SEAF yields 21st century etiquette questions

We went to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival last night. There were a fair amount of people in "transgressive" dress, including fetish wear and gender-reversal outfits. There were several MTF trannies, not sure if they always dressed this way, or if it was just for the night.

So when I went to the women's bathroom, there were two MTFs in there checking their makeup. Okay.

I went into the stall, and as I sat down, noticed in the stall next to me feet in size 13 pumps pointed in the opposite direction, ie, someone with dude equipment standing in front of the toilet.

I wonder what Miss Manners would say about this?

Poll #1393867 Transexual restroom etiquette?

What is the proper action for MTFs using the women's bathroom?

Dudes who identify as women enough to use the ladies room should sit to pee
Dudes who identify as women enough to use the ladies room should pee however they like
Dudes who are in lady costume but don't identify as ladies should use the men's room
Ladies rooms should have urinals for ladies with dude genitals
some other solution

My main gripe is that if a dude is still enough of a dude to pee standing, he's probably enough of a dude to not lift the seat, or will otherwise make the ladies room as nasty as men's rooms tend to be. I understand being a MTF ladydude means giving up male privilege and that can be difficult, but I'm thinking that male privilege never entitled any dude to use public women's rooms and pee on our toilet seats.

What do you think?