July 27th, 2007


Hey, guess who saw a dead body today?

So Sylvie and I were on the interstate right around rush hour today when I saw one of those "accident, left 2 lanes closed" warning signs. It took us at least 45 minutes to go 8 miles. When we got to the accident scene, in the 10 seconds it took to drive past, I saw:

about 6 cop cars in a row, in the lane second from the leftmost
a cop in a "smokey the bear" hat, holding up a shoe and photographing it
an unmarked van with an empty gurney behind it
a body in the carpool lane, covered by a sheet, with a sock-covered foot peeking out from under it
a truck parked in the carpool lane, with a cop questioning someone near it

I did not recall until later that I didn't see any smashed up cars in the tableau.

So after we passed it and arrived at our destination, I wondered out loud- "how do you manage to become separated from your shoe in a car accident? under what rules of physics does your shoe leave your foot, leave the vehicle, and end up 30 to 40 feet from the accident scene?" I envisioned some kind of road rage shoe-throwing incident that ended up with someone dead, especially since I didn't see any smashed up car(s).

So here's the answer as to how your shoe leaves your foot in a car accident:



I'm not sure what's worse, the gruesomeness of the incident, or the stupidity of the incident. The driver of the truck is going to be haunted by this for a long time, even though there was probably nothing he could have done to avoid hitting the guy who couldn't be bothered to use the pedestrian overpass. I'm haunted, and all I saw was a covered body and an errant shoe.

as if my day wasn't traumatic enough already:

after witnessing the gruesome highway accident earlier, my day got EVEN BETTER:

On the way back from the garage, I stepped on (and killed) a slug -inside- my sandals. It entered my shoe via the open toe, got trapped between my foot and my shoe and was squished before I knew what had happened. I spend the next half hour being very grossed out.

Hours later, I'm typing on LJ with shockie in my lap. hey, what's that mud on my thigh?

not mud.

apparently shockie is not always as fastidious in her bathroom habits as I would like.

So I had to clean myself and then track down the cat and wipe her ass for her. thrilling.

I'm going to bed to read harry potter. hopefully nothing will shit on me or die near me in the next 8 hours.