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"Leave your inhibitions at the door..."

saw the trainwreck that is "showgirls" tonight, complete with live commentary from a Stranger columnist who is gay but isn't Dan Savage. His opening analysis of the film:

"This film is written by Joe Esterhazs, who writes as though he's a 13 year old misogynist from another planet who has no idea about how women spend their time. According to this movie, when women are together, they eat potato chips, and talk about their nails." And it's true- I think the word "nails" is uttered more than the word "tits" in this film.

He also had some choice quotes from the director on the meaning of the film, taken from a coffee table book about the film (released around the same time). Verhoven's interpretation of the opening "goddess" volcano number is something about "the followers are confused until the Goddess arrives, and then the other women look to her for leadership" ('leadership' is apparently the Dutch word for taking off your top and undulating on a stage. Verhoeven also (according to this book) sees the ending of the movie as a Christian morality play, complete with redemption theme.

other choice commentary lines:

"Because, really, what all rape victims want most from their friends is vigilante-style violence AND a pink novelty stuffed toy."

"Nomi has two moods: pouty, and throwing things"

"Hospitals sure make people horny"

On the "I have a problem with pussy" line: " It's nice to see this film with 300 other people, so you can all confirm that you just heard the line you think you heard, but know you couldn't have possibly heard."

On the Spago/"doggie chow" scene: "This dialogue is like a Pinter play, minus any subtext whatsoever".

On the actors: "Gina Gershon is the only actor in the film that understands this film for what it really is and plays her role accordingly. The rest of them seem to think they're in a serious drama".

my comment: if you are a South Park fan and watch Showgirls this year, you will find yourself thinking during the dance/audition sequences: "Oh, she got served", or "It's ON!"

Similar commentary to what I saw tonight will be on the 10th anniversiary Showgirls DVD, to be released this summer.

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