December 21st, 2006


No more free Rukhnamas for American libraries?

The crazy dictator that sent my library Turkmenistan's most popular book
just died.

The yahoo article mentions a probable succession struggle, but not the crazy book or its influence on the culture. Even if there is a period of "uncertainty", I'm hoping things get better over there now that this dude is out of the picture.

And no, we didn't add his book to the collection.

day 8 in the dark

Still no power as of 4pm wednesday. If you combine the 3 days without power from Hurricane Andrew in Baton Rouge when I was in grad school and my parents 5 days without power (they are in Baton Rouge, not New Orleans) during Hurricane Katrina, the score is tied. I know City Light is working round the clock blah blah blah but it's still irritating that it takes this long.

I would really, really like for it to be back on by the time Lori arrives (from Northern California) at my house on Friday night. Or Santa can bring me coal to burn in the fireplace.