June 14th, 2006


lj edit help

Currently there's a "subtitle" under my LJ that says:

User: lara7
I am unable to rock the show without your participation.

how do i edit that? it seems like it used to be in the user info/profile, but isn't now. and I can't figure out all this 'styles" bizness. any ideas that I'm overlooking?

as a matter of fact, I -am- no goddam sonofabitch

or, Die, die, my das_prompt

i see das_prompt has a birthday this month. may I suggest he put the following on his wish list:

imagine Glenn Danzig in a powder blue tuxedo

I own this and it's been making me happy, even though the punk lounge thing has been done to death.

I could see the phibes liking this, too, but now that I know about her Jim Steinman thing, I am less confident of my ability to predict her likes and dislikes.