February 17th, 2006


we're going down tuuu in a luleelurah

yet another sign of middle age:

someone forwarded me this chucklesome 'Interpretation of a Fall Out Boy song', which is quite amusing: even though I'd never heard the band (though I understand they are popular with the MySpace kids these days).

Not only could I not make out what the real lyrics were, even with the mocking subtitles, the thing I kept coming back to was "this is just like my recent experiences with my Thai phrasebook"- ie, I can't understand what native emo speakers are saying, I can't pronounce the rising and falling tones, and I'm pretty sure "going down tuuu in a luleelurah" means " spicy chicken noodle served by a meteorologist" in Thai slang.

also- I'm curious- I assume most Lonely Planet phrasebooks have "I only eat vegetarian food" and "call a doctor", but is "let's use a condom" and "you're just using me for sex" unique to the Thai volume? I understand why "elephant" and "acupuncture" are in the glossary, but under what circumstances might I need the Thai word for "ultrasound" or "soap opera"?

Other words I can't see coming up in typical tourist "where do I catch the train" dialogues that the glossary gives me the Thai words for anyway:

Social welfare
sea gypsies (I have no idea what this even means in English?)
rockmelon (ditto, assume its a food, or a cover band)
ozone layer
nuclear testing
ketchup (on thai food? ick!)
Australian Rules football (yea, I know LP is an Aussie company. but still, is this really likely to come up in talks with the natives?)