January 24th, 2006


Everyone loves a winner:

Remember how all of a sudden, everyone was super-patriotic on september 12, 2001 and you started seeing those tiny american flags on everyone's cars? It was kinda annoying, but you understood the impulse after a national tragedy.

Well, around here, now that the Seahawks (our local footballing team) won enough games that they got to play a game that would decide if they went to the Stupendous Bowl, suddenly everyone became a fan. There was a flag on top of the Space Needle. There are little flags that weren't there before on the cars I pass everyday on the way to work. Perhaps the saddest example is that one of the businesses in White Center (a business area catering largely to working-class Asians that have immigrated recently) sprung for a huge "go Hawks" banner to put in their window. I'm sure the neighborhood appreciates your show of solidarity with Paul Allen's money, er, team.

Knee-jerk patriotism is annoying, but knee-jerk sports fandom is just pathetic.

I was trying to avoid learning the outcome of this "Big Game", but the 40 minutes of fireworks being shot off in the park near me that night kinda tipped me off that things had gone well. Whenever this Bowl of Superness is, I will not be among those watching just because "our team" is playing.