December 30th, 2005

master's voice


WTFIW with European Musicians, special eighties power-ballad edition:

1) Operacion Mutante, from spain:

Incidentially, the band "Europe" , originally responsible for "The Final Countdown", was from Sweden.

2) hurra torpedo, from norway:

Norway's most famous kitchen appliance band interprets a Jim Steinman/Bonnie Tyler hit.

No exactly related to the above, but here's the Tommy Seebach "apache" clip, which you've all seen, no doubt, but it needs repeat viewing:

How the above clip ties into the first two:

This is a cover of a 1960 song by the Shadows. Cliff Richards was in the Shadows. Rik on the "the Young Ones" was a fan of Cliff Richards. "The Young Ones" was on MTV a whole lot in the mid-eighties...just like "The Final Countdown" and "total eclipse of the Heart" videos!