November 17th, 2005


I've been sick...

so I went to the doctor's. I don't have strep. yay me. I'm supposed to sleep and drink water. Okay, think I can handle that.

most heartbreaking sight at the docs: waiting for test results outside the lab, I hear the lab lady asking an elderly lady a question. The answer the old lady gives is "I don't know, maybe I never had one".

It is only when she repeats the question that I realize she's not asking about a test or a procedure, but asking the old lady what her name is. Lab Lady then finds old lady's caretaker (daughter?) in the waiting room, who tells Lab lady what to call the old lady. The fact that the caretaker wasn't alarmed by the old lady's inability to answer the question is perhaps the saddest part of all, because it suggests this is a commonplace failing for the elderly woman and not the first time she's forgotten her name.

Man, doctor's offices depress me.
master's voice

Liner note of the week:

Fron the last paragraph of the liner notes to Willis Jackson's 1965 LP, Smoking with Willis, by "E. Herbert":

"We didn't write a long explanation about the music in this album; it just isn't necessary. The music swings, it is down to earth, and if you're the kind of person who likes to put some groovy sounds on the hi-fi and party awhile, it'll gas you."

While I'm not shocked to see "hi-fi","groovy" and "gas" all in one sentence on the back of a 1965 jazz record, especially on one that has 3 Beatles covers (on a 7 song LP), I am surprised to see "party" used as a verb 40 years ago, as it seems to be still used that way today without sounding as dated as terms like "groovy" or "gas" used as a verb.*

*except when talking about Kurds, I mean.