October 3rd, 2005

Temple of the golden ass

greenlake is for Bunnies

Went to the Woodland park/Greenlake area this weekend to enjoy the cuteness of the wild/abandoned bunnies. Apparently, in the last decade, people tired of their Easter pets would release them here, and then they bred like crazy because they had no predators and because that's what bunnies do. So you can go and watch them and feed them and chase them and they're really cute.

Creepy part: we got there around 4:30, knowing the sun would start going down after 5. As we stalked the bunnies, we noticed an unusually high amount of unattended males (of all ages) with no dogs, children, frisbees, picnic supplies, jogging shoes, pals of either gender, or other reasons to be casually strolling around a park. I know all about Volunteer Park and what delights can be found there after dark- is Greenlake the same thing, but al Fresco rather than in cars?