August 17th, 2005


on the problem of novelty evangelists:

Christian clowns= scary if you dislike clowns anyway, also scarier than "normal" evangelists.

Christian hard rock= generally sucks, but at least we can still laugh at Stryper's costumes decades later.

Christian rap= usually sucks and is square to boot (does anyone think "The Kids" will listen to an artist called "Tha Rappin' Reverend"?)

Christian mime= what? no, seriously, what?

requires Flash/ sound. worksafe, unless you work for Mumenschanz. May give you nightmares.

In my alternate universe, these guys are actually the boys from Kris Kross (you remember Daddy Mack and Mack Daddy, don't you? Course you do!) after a religious conversion, but no new inspiration to name themselves something that doesn't have two letter Ks in it.