August 2nd, 2005

master's voice

Tina, eat some ham!*

Finally saw "Napoleon Dynamite" this weekend. Can't say I "got it"- it reminded me of "Welcome to the Dollhouse", except not as good, but just as uncomfortable to watch with similarly awkward characters.

The lasting impact it had was that the next day, Ivan craved tater tots and salisbury steak for dinner. He found a veggie-soy "beefsteak" product for the steak, but it reminded us both of canned cat food, except with the major difference that the cats were not interested in trying to remove it from our plates.

The tots, however, were actually pretty good. A++ WOULD SOAK IN KETCHUP AGAIN.

*caffree, since you're the only Tina I know, and I know ham is treif, naturally I thought of you when they said this to the llama.