June 14th, 2005


a new way to define "bad day at work":

A guy collapsed, and most likely died, today- 15 feet away from me at the reference desk. I'm not 100% certain he died, but watching the paramedics do the defib paddles (and they really do yell "Clear!", just like on TV) to no effect and hearing the office gossip that the guy had no pulse when they brought him out, I'm thinking it doesn't look too good for him. Also, unless the medics arrived in 2 vehicles, after they carried him out on the gurney, there was still an emergency vehicle parked in front of the library; ie, no urgency in getting him to the hospital.

So yeah, that's a pretty new milestone for crappy day at work. I know, I know, dead dude is certainly having a worse day than me. But unless you work in a hospital, alaskan fishing vessel, post office, or crackhouse, how often do you see someone die at your job?