February 19th, 2005


Dear former owner/tenant who painted my house's toilet tank:

What the hell? Why on earth would you coat the entire white ceramic toilet tank cover with white paint? I always thought the bumps and ridges on the toilet tank cover were bits of dried paint that had dripped from the ceiling or walls when you painted the bathroom years ago, and I figured you'd just neglected to wipe them up and they'd dried. But now that I'm finally removing them with a solvent as I give the entire bathroom a thourough cleaning(prepping it for re-painting), I see you painted the entire tank cover, and the ridges and bumps are where the paint dried irregularly.

Of course, I don't see any stains, cracks, or other cosmetic cover-up reason to paint the tank (now that I've removed 90% of the paint). You painted white on white rather than red or black on white, so the whimsy of having a colorful toilet tank is out. Other than giving me an extra thing to clean and scrape, I have no clue why you did this. When realtors say "A fresh coat of paint can help you get a higher price for your house", painting the toilet isn't what they mean.