January 30th, 2005


rants, part 2:

lemur68 The Washington State gubernatorial election

Look people, if you're going to take 3-4 weeks to process a voter registration, isn't that enough time to figure out if someone is a felon or not? If TV has taught me anything, criminal records are easily searched on a computer that the cops have access to; if its that important that freed felons don't vote, how about getting the elections people access to it, too?

Or are we supposed to trust felons to know they aren't supposed to vote? I'm sure they're listening real carefully when they get out when the Parole officer says, oh by the way, check in with me every week, don't own guns, and don't vote. Ever think that maybe one of the reasons they're felons in the first place is because they don't follow rules so well?

Ditto checking the database for dead people that you mailed absentee ballots to. I've lived next door to elderly people, and I can't say I'm suprised that someone would fill out their dead spouse's ballot by mistake, without intending to commit fraud. My neighbor mistook a cabinet where toilet paper was stored for the fireplace and almost burned down his house by lighting it: you think he would be any more careful with a damn BALLOT that arrives at his house with someone else's name on it?

Both sides have acted fairly obnoxiously about the recounts, just like in Florida in 2000. I am amused to note that even though both states had a Republican Secretary of State, surprise, surprise, close calls don't always favor who you think they will. Deal with it. I'm tired of people going on and on about how Rossi won the first two recounts....The way these go is that the hand recount is the most painstaking and accurate of the three....it's not a "best 2 out of three" situation. If a carnival "Guess your weight" guy says 145, a bathroom scale says 143, and the doctor's scale says 153, are the first two more "accurate" or "right" because they agree more closely?