August 4th, 2004


MILF alert....

Mary Kay Letourneau has served her time and is now a free woman.

A free, hot, 42 year old woman.

Not that I think what she did was correct or ethical, but it seems that the student who was her lover was pretty into her, and perhaps still is. I know he doesn't get a vote because he was a minor at the time, but he's now 21 years old. so this bit from the Seattle PI really irked me:

The big question is, where is she going? Some who know her best predict Letourneau, 42, will head straight into the arms of her victim, Vili Fualaau, who's now 21.

Her VICTIM? I guess legally that's correct, he's the victim of her crime, but geez, people, can't we stop demonizing this woman? I think the word I would have used was "former lover", as that seems more accurate than "victim". Until she figured that she could maybe get money by suing the school district for failing to stop the relationship, Vili's own mother was against prosecuting Mary and didn't consider her son to have been victimized.

Anyway, my feeling is, if this 21 year old guy wants to have a relationship with the mother of his 2 children now that's she free, they should be able to do so now. Yeah, its a little creepy. If she'd been able to be a responsible teacher and keep her hands off him for 4-5 years and then jumped him when he was 18, it would still be creepy. People shouldn't sleep with their students, but if you've done 7 years prison time, I guess you've earned the right to sleep with your ex-students* if it's that important to you.

Note to Rick Santorum:

Mary Kay started cheating on her husband (and father of her first 4 children) with a 13 year old back in the summer of 1996. The Defense of Marriage Act was passed later that fall. After serving a 6 month suspended sentence, she got caught fooling around with Vili again in February 1998, thus violating her probation so the Judge sent her back to prison.

Steve Letourneau filed for divorce long before the first trial in 1997. Mr. Santorum, please explain why the DOMA did not succeed in protection of this marriage. Also, are gays at fault for this failure?

*Is the Latourneau case another example of how few eligible men there are in the Seattle area? I heard it was bad for us women over 30, but I hoping there are at least a few men out there for me that are at least old enough to drive. I mean, vote.

How not to name your academic book:a game you can play!

Got a scholarly book in the donation pile today.

It will help us play a new game called "What not to name your book if you want anyone to read it".

Here's how you play:

first, look at the cover and the title:

okay, now try to guess what the book is about just by looking at the title. Don't cheat by scrolling down and reading the description.

Okay, give up?

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