July 27th, 2004


re: the catfish poll

wow, you guys are a bunch of pushovers! Only 4 of us are Machivellian enough to take advantage of this poor, tasty creature's prediciment. Do those who are stupid AND delicious really deserve our mercy? Or does letting it go insure that it will live to reproduce and make easy-to-catch offspring that we can bait with mere tennis balls?

Oddly, I had a catfish poboy yesterday about 3 hours before I saw that snopes picture. Southerners who aren't well-travelled in the Pacific Northwest should note that this is not a common lunch counter item here, making the coincidence more extraordinary. In fact, I think this is the only catfish poboy I've eaten since I've lived here.

I'd say "plate of shrimp" here, but its almost too literal to work in this case.