July 2nd, 2004


Friendster flacks =super geniuses

I have a policy that you love corporate spokesmen:

Moore's buddy Matt Chisholm chimes in to tell me about a similar hack, a JavaScript app he wrote with Moore that works on Friendster. It mines for information about anyone who looks at his profile and clicks through to his Web site. "I get their user ID, email address, age, plus their full name. Neither their full name nor their email is ever supposed to be revealed," he says.

Notified of the security holes Moore and Chisholm exploit, Friendster rep Lisa Kopp insists, "We have a policy that we are not being hacked." When I explain that, policy or no, they are being hacked, she says, "Security isn't a priority for us. We're mostly focused on making the site go faster."

Dear qwestdex yellow pages:

I remember when you changed your heading from "Records and tapes-retail" to "Compact discs, tapes and records- retail", even though "record" is often meant to mean "recording" and not "vinyl LP". But I was okay with that; it's important to change terminology as times change.

So I have to ask you what the deal is with "Stereo & Hi Fi--New and used". Hi-fi?! Has anyone born after 1950 ever used this term, even ironically? To me, a "hi-fi" is something you use to play tunes from the "hit parade", while wearing a "sweater set" or "pedal-pushers". Or has this term retained meaning for the serious audiophile set?

Also, I need to get an oil change for my "horseless carriage" and can't seem to find that heading in your book- please advise.