May 21st, 2004


As a matter a fact, we are raising the roof, though everyone is not saying "hey-yeah"...

At this very moment, roofers are reroofing my garage. Oh the excitement! I'm sitting at my computer (day off) watching them work. As you might guess, my elderly neighbor Mr. Belonging-to-Wilson had to go outside and attempt to engage the roofers in conversation as they threw old shingles down in his general direction. I couldn't hear what he said, (and with the scraping and hammering, I doubt they could either), but I'm betting it was a variation on "you need a bigger hammer" or "that's a pretty big job, huh", or even "so.....putting on a new roof?"

This week, I've now spent something like $1300 on roof repair and also getting a major dent removed from my car. Next week, I want to treat myself to something fuzzy, shiny, gadgety, or otherwise altogether impractical since this week has been all about doing the responsible things.