May 5th, 2004


Haw haw! No, bring us THE MEN!!

I'm not affiliated with this, and I'm in general against "entry fees" for exhibitions of lowbrow art, but for the rest of you sodomites, Mormons, wiccans, and D&D players, I thought you'd want to know:

Call for Entries for Jack T. Chick tribute exhibition

Call for Entries

Painters of Blight
Curated by Erin Norlin, David Miller and Kipling West

Opening July 9, 2004

In conjunction with the "Painters of Blight" show (art based on the work of Thomas Kinkade, the "Painter of Light") we are announcing an open call for a group exhibition focusing on religious tract cartoonist Jack T. Chick.  Work should comment on or be inspired by the comics and religious world-view of Jack T. Chick, who for years has been proselytizing his fundamentalist and  extreme Christian faith though intense eight-page comic pamphlets.   For more information on Jack Chick, visit

The focus of the exhibition will be on hangeable art, but curators will consider work in all media, including video, sculpture and performance art. 

Send proposals along with $10 submission fee by mail to:

Painters of Blight
4710 Aurora Ave N #101
Seattle, WA 98103

Or by email to (use to send fee electronically)

Deadline for proposals is Friday May 28.  Curators will respond by email by Monday, June 7.  Finished work for the exhibition must be delivered by Thursday, July 8.

"Painters of Blight" will open Friday, July 9th at James Crespinel Studio in Seattle (next door to Roq la Rue Gallery) and run through that weekend.  The show will open the same night as the July Roq la Rue show (artist/s TBA) and will be a high visibility event in Belltown!

Art will be picked up by the artists Sunday, July 11.

For additional submission details contact

viral marketing?

Citibank, whom I have a credit card with that I never use, (but who I think may be the parent company of the card I -do- use) just sent me a check for $25 for no good reason. There's no fine print on the check stating that if I endorse it I enroll in their Travel Club or some such nonsense.

The check came with a letter that says (cut for length):

Dear client:

Thank you for your inquiry on april 29, 2004 regarding your checking account number (the number they cite here is not my checking acct number). We have completed our research and the results are as follows:

Our records indicate that your account referenced above was under a promotion, which offered $5.00 per bill payment up to $25 (for bill payments scheduled between Oct 25, 2003 through Oct 31, 2003), if the terms and conditions were met.

Enclosed is a check in the amount of $25 in fulfillment of the promotion.

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

A few problems with this:

1) I didn't call or email them on 4-29-04
2) I don't remember signing up for anything in October 2003, but maybe I did and don't remember.
3) Why would you have a promotion like this that only lasts 5 days?
4) If I contacted them on 4/29, how come my preprinted check is dated 3/26/04? It's interesting that I can't remember making any inquiry 6 days ago, but they responded to this inquiry 33 days before I didn't make it.
5) If they're fulfilling the promotion, why do they regret any inconvenience it may have caused? Usually when people give me money I don't deserve, inconvenient is the last word I'd use.

My theory:
It's a bribe to make me think about Citibank favorably, as I'm not using my card at the moment. Maybe I'll think when cashing this check "Citibank made a mistake and gave me $25 for no reason. I should go charge something on my Citibank card!" Or maybe I'll call them to find out why I'm getting free money, and they'll use their telemarketing-fu to upsell me on life insurance or some extra feature I didn't know my credit card had.

anyone else get an unexplained bribe lately?