April 9th, 2004


I know now that Courtney did it...

This week is the 10th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. Now, I didn't live here 10 years ago, so there could have been some bizarre temperature anomaly, but something that's nagging at me given the beauty of this week:

NO ONE WOULD OFF THEMSELVES IN SEATTLE IN APRIL. I mean, it's beautiful out! The daffodils are blooming and it's light until 7pm or even later, and I wore short sleeves yesterday WITH NO COAT!

What you are asking me to believe is that depressed, sad Kurt made it through the dreary soul-crushing Seattle Winter and failed to kill himself in December, January and February (the holy trinity of weather fuck-you months) and then made it through March (aka the larval stage of Spring) only to shoot himself in April?! Sorry, but as the Texans say, that dog won't hunt.

In other Spring news, today, I mowed the lawn for the second time in 6 days (the first time was akin to giving a hippie a crew cut with toenail clippers), planted some iris tubers, and continued my program (pogrom?) of dandelion genocide, both with trowel and Round-up.
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fun with linky

I was trying to explain the Cult of IKEA to lemur68 the other day, and I mentioned besides the obvious "virtues" of IKEA that a lot of their furniture has funny "Swedish" names like "fagelth" or "fartfull". Then today. someone notes the perfect desk for the webporn aficiando:

Provides ample space for all your 'computer equipment'.

Also, for all the comments on lists I'm on re: The chicken you can get to do your bidding, no one has remarked that the proper spelling is "subservient". Most of the "hey, check out this chicken" mails I've gotten cite the "subserviant" URL, but as you might imagine, "subservientchicken.com" points to the same site. I'm glad to know that: I'd hate to think Burger king got cyber-squatted and thus had to register the incorrect "subserviantchicken" when "subservientchicken" was taken by someone else.

Anyway, the chicken will refuse to do certain things or react badly to many phrases- it will "read a book", but ask it to "eat a Big Mac" and it gets PISSED!