April 3rd, 2004



Wow, this was good. The Cthuloid monsters alone were worth the 10 bucks. To quote Ivan: "I'm glad people have figured out how to make superhero movies with morally complex characters". And explosions and punching! And I'll never desire to eat caviar again.

What I learned from the previews for other movies:

1) It's time for a remake of "big", only this time, with a girl in the Tom Hanks role.

2) Speaking of Tom Hanks, this summer's "Bosom Buddies" film looks especially lame, has frighting latex/prosthetic face makeup, and stars a shitload of Wayanses.

3) both the above films' trailers were shown back-to-back, and both used "girls just wanna have fun" as theme music. Please, Hollywood, has there been no other song written in the last 20 years about the exuberance of the female experience that you might start using in the new century?

4) Remember when Batman inspired a whole bunch of "dark" straight-to-video superhero films? Well, expect the same trend with LOTR, except given that it spent and made 250 kazillion dollars, we'll be seeing a bunch of big-budget fantasy epics. Bonus points for using public domain legends based on no one particular text so you don't have to deal with legions of faithful fans if you screw up and make a sucky film.