February 24th, 2004


When you put a cat in your pants, an angel gets his wings.

every now and then, I like to ponder the lists of LJ interests, especially the ones that aren't underlined (the fabled unshared interests. for an example of really unshared interests, see this user profile.

of my 110 listed interests, only two are unshared. that seems about average, even when I have a few (shared) in-joke ones like "miss katrina", "aaaahhh i am dieing!", and "guy's butt". For awhile, no one else was interested in "Gene Pitney" (couldn't believe it) or mysterious ni-Vanuatu prophet "John Frum" (an interest now shared by one person, who, oddly enough isn't ringbark). Sometimes I update my interests without looking to see if they're shared, and without that little line under them, sometimes you forget you added one and how odd it is that someone else listed it too.

I bring this up because I noticed someone else lists cat pants as an interest. Now, to them, it could be the name of a band, or a company that makes pants for cats, or some slang term I'm unfamiliar with (along the lines of the dreaded "taco pants"), but I can't help but think:

What if someone out there, who doesn't know me, had independently discovered the joy of placing a cat in your elastic waisted pants while proclaiming "CAT PANTS!" and was therefore compelled to list it as an interest?

I'm sure that's not the case, but that's my theory for now, and I'm sticking to it.

today is..

Mardi Gras. For those who don't know, if the frat boy leaves his hotel and sees his own pool of vomit, we'll have another 6 weeks of drinking.