December 30th, 2003


snow what?

It's snowing here, and sticking. People at work were freaking out, along the lines of "We may have to close tomorrow" because the weather is predicting 3 whole inches. And these people aren't even driving 50 minutes to work like I am, yet they're convinced that there's a high likelyhood the snow will keep them from being able to get to work.

I find this particularly bizarre, as 90% of my cow-orkers are from the Sea-tac area, where it snows about every other year, and thus, shouldn't be a huge deal, especially not 3 inches.
Whereas I am from the Deep South land of Red Stick, where it snows about a half inch every 15 years. By the time I was 24, I'd seen snow only twice in my life. And the Tacomans are acting about as freaked out about the snow as I remember the Southerners acting. I guess it's all relative, but still, it's kinda irritating.

I thought about refraining from making the obvious "3 inches is no big deal, nor anything to be afraid of" joke, but I guess it was too tempting not to.