August 20th, 2003


hookers and cocaine at my place, Wednesday and Thursday nites

only joking.

What I mean is that Ivan, being a student and having "semester breaks", is off for two weeks starting tomorrow afternoon, and is going up to (a different part {from where we just were} of) Canada to visit friends for the next few days. I will be at home alone, working until Friday. After which I have a week of vacation which we will use to go on a road trip together, which I am very much looking forward to.

It is a sad commentary on my current domesticity that, with the man out of the house for the first time since we started living together in May, my first thoughts are not of mischief, but practicality, ie: with Ivan and Sally (his loveable, but lately quite drool-y, 70 lb. dog) out of the house, I can vacuum up all the dog and cat hair without fighting a losing battle, do all that laundry hand washing I've been meaning to do since January (I feel guilty hanging that stuff up to dry in the shower if it interferes with someone else's bath schedule), and otherwise make this house liveable again without having to worry about vaccuum noise while he's trying to study.

Yes, I realize how pathetic the above sounds. I'm like the geek Martha Stewart: "Once you're out of the house for two days, I can finally dust around your computer without blocking your view of the monitor." God help me. At the very least, I should be spending 4 hours a night watching my Daily Show archive, falling asleep guiltily dreaming of Jon Stewart, my favorite Jew (after Ivan)*. Chances are I will instead spend the time being constructive and industrious. Goddammit.

Besides, I have to work the next mornings at 9am, so I guess drunken debauchery is probably out of the question anyway.

*Since i know you'll ask: Alex, you're about my 24th favorite Jew. Use the LJ cut tag more often when posting endless pictures of you in hats and you might get bumped up to 14th.
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