August 8th, 2003


Today, I am a Ma'am.

I've been dying my hair off and on (mostly on) since high school. Usually a shade of red, but I had a year as a blonde (see userpic), and then pink hair after I tried to revert back to red on top of the blonde.

I've been slacking lately in the haircolor department, and that combined with my last haircut means that my hair is the closest to the original natural color as its been in 17 years. Under the harsh light of the staff bathroom, I discovered something today:

I have gray hairs!

Wow. I knew it'd happen eventually, but I'm merely 33. Maybe they come automatically when you get your first mortgage?

Oddly, this makes me feel a lot more "adult" than any of the actually adult things I've done in the last year (buying a house, getting engaged, going to neighborhood "block watch" meeting, etc.)

The other thing I wonder is how long have these gray hairs been lurking undetected under haircolor touch-ups?

It's not that I'm freaked out by it or anything- just remarking upon one of those little milestones on that path to death we call adulthood.
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