April 10th, 2003


Scenes from In-joke theatre:

lara7 all aboard the cock boat
shoutingboy ...I thought he said "cake"!
lara7 : set sail for democracy
shoutingboy : Tom Brokaw's hanging out in Saddam's palace.
shoutingboy : Turns out he has a lot of nice stuff.
shoutingboy : Uday has a nice booze collection.
shoutingboy : And I thought he was a good Muslim!
lara7 : Uday? that one of the sons?
shoutingboy : They even put "God is great" on the flag!
shoutingboy : Uday's the older, crazy one.
lara7 : allah akbar and jeff
shoutingboy : Ooh, you're getting fatwad for that one!
lara7 : Joey Fatwad? avphibes will be jealous
shoutingboy : (erm, "fatwa'd" is probably less dangerously ambiguous...)

The April calendar of big deal stuff:

*bank appraisal of house: Thursday 4/10
*Official Report on bank appraisal: Monday 4/14
*Mover comes to estimate how long it takes to move all my stuff down three flights of stairs and into a truck: Tuesday 4/15
*Go to Las Vegas because I already made plans and bought tickets before I knew I'd be turning into a grownup: 4/17-4/20
*Close on house 4/25
*Paint two most offensively colored rooms in new house: 4/26-4/27
*Moving day 4/29
*clean old apartment 4/30
*have bouts of nausea: 4/10-4/29

Hmm, something seems to be missing from the calendar.

Wait, don't tell me...oh yeah. Could it be...


Current taped and labeled box count is 5, and those are all ones Ivan packed. Aside from taping and labeling those, I've done nothing. Well, except mildly panic, and I hardly think that counts on the useful scale.

Plus, I have the following projects looming:

*File taxes (halfway done, having mental block about reading the booklet about deducting union dues) Due: 4/15
*copyedit Seattle ArtCar Website (could require 2-12 hours of work, depending on caffeine intake) Due: ASAP.
*Cross-dress Bowling on 4/27 (outfit incomplete; outfit WILL NOT WORK without all components) Due: 4/26
*thing to make for skypizza as response to bears (estimated work hours:no fucking clue) Due: open-ended
*CDRs I owe futch- 6 weeks over due at the least, and my burner software is wonky. Due: already so damn late another week prolly doesn't matter.

I will not panic, I will get it all done.

And on May 1, I will have the most relaxing hot tub soak in the history of hot tub soaks.
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