April 3rd, 2003


okay, now I'm freaking out.

house saga:

I had the inspection. I asked the seller to fix 13 things. seller agreed to fix 5 things and kick $1500 back to me for the trouble of not fixing the other things. This is somewhat atypical and really good. Have arranged for homo-ners insurances, and signed all the mortgage paperwork..now I have the appraisal. as long as the bank thinks the house is worth what I said I'd pay for it, it should be mine.

Have I mentioned this all goes down in a little over 3 weeks?

Now, intellectually, I knew that agreeing to buy a house meant I'd be moving out of this place and into the new house. But all the house logistics have sorta made me forget the underlying thing: :"You'll be out of your apartment in less than 30 days. how bout you start packing NOW, biatch?"

I am beginning to freak out. Part of me thinks there's no way I'll get packed, arrange for movers, and have the house ready to move into in 28 days. The other part of me says, "eh, you moved from Ohio to Washington across the frigid Rocky Mountains in the winter last year, there's not much you can't handle, so be calm" .

Meanwhile, I'm attempting to do my income taxes from last year, in which I get to deduct said moving expenses. I don't know why I'm procrastinating when I'm pretty sure I'm getting money back, but I've had so much paperwork recently I'm loathe to deal with more of it. Also, in exactly 2 weeks, I go to Las Vegas for a long weekend, which I almost wish I wasn't going to since time is crunched now, but maybe the getaway will do me good. Unfortunatley, I'll miss Ivan's Cacophony Easter Parade on the 20th, but that's just the way it goes. He'll be out of town the week after (spring break from school), which is, coincidentally, the weekend I close on the house, thus disproving his "You only started dating me so I'd help you move" theory.

Life is exciting right now, in much the same way that getting in a near miss car accident is "exciting". This is the most grown up I've ever felt and I'm not sure if I like it or not.
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