March 20th, 2003


BrIdes of March, Act 2: In which this Cloud Room ain't big enough for all of us!

After we parted company with some of our BrIdes, it was time to go to the Cloud Room, which is a sedate piano bar on top of the Camlin hotel. Because our Special Day had made us giddy, and we were expecting more guests, we took our party outside to the balcony. And then, poof! two late arriving BrIdes appeared. Soon after, we were met by the Guerrilla Masquerade Party, who were doing a roving Saint Patrick's day Drag Rampage.

The GMP had contacted our BrIdal ringmaster to suggest this rendezvous point. If the sight of 8 BrIdes (especially the hairy burly male ones) in a yuppie piano bar was alarming to the regulars there, imagine the consternation when these guys showed up:

And we'd also gotten word that the  Limosine Racers were coming, and that they were on a scavenger hunt for BrIdes.

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