February 20th, 2003


plate of LJ shrimp...

So Ivan and I went to a movie ("lost in La Mancha, the "Burden of Dreams"-esque documentary about a failed Terry Gilliam film) in the U district. I parked a block or so from Ivan's car, and as we walked by my car, we saw someone looking intently at it. As Ivan has an artcar as well, he's used to the experience of walking to your car, having a stranger standing beside it, and getting a few comments or questions while you're unlocking the door, and so he pointed and said, "Hey, look, your car has an admirer."

So this guy standing near my car did not say one of the usual things like "How long did this take?" or "You must have a lot of time on your hands". What he said kinda floored me, and is a reponse I've never gotten before:

"Hi. I've read your LiveJournal".

See what happens when you use car photos as userpic icons? Heh.

Turns out he was a pal of someone on my friends list, though not an LJer himself.

Anyway, it amused and freaked me out at the same time. Oh great LiveJournal.com, is there any aspect of my life that you have not somehow infiltrated?
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More links about Bananas and Sex

Bananas- How to serve them To make the obvious Outer Limits/Twilight Zone joke- "Oh my god! It's not a cookbook!"

Seriously, more great Lileks snark: Who likes bananas? Well, gosh, just about everyone. Glamorous, desirable youth like them just as much as sexless, dentally-bereft archetypes of age and decay. Babies love ‘em - not one Dionne has choked on a banana yet.

Let's call this one the Codex Sexaphinius. The metaphysical Jungian orgasm diagrams are pretty good, too. Lileks-esque, but not quite up to the Master's level of skill.
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    Talking Heads- More links about Bananas and Sex