February 6th, 2003


at least 3 of you know why this has come up...

(update- answer the poll to be about YOU, the LJ-user, not ME, the poll giver)

Poll #99394 The LJ hookup poll

The following is the best answer about LJ's impact on my love life:

I've had sex with and/or a romance with someone I met initially via LJ.
There's one or more folks on LJ I'm after, but nothing's happened yet.
I'm married or otherwise off the market enough so that even the prescence of David Bowie on my friends list would not count as a temptation.
I would never use LJ as a medium to meet dates.
I would date someone I met via LJ, but there's no one I've found via LJ thus far that I have any interest in.
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posting limits or, some people don't get it.

okay, so LJ brass dropped the ball in instituting posting limits without a lot of notice, and the angry comments in the LJ "news" community (http://www.livejournal.com/users/news/) reflect that. Also, I thought 3 posts per day for free users was a bit restrictive (since upped to 5). BUT:

check out this poll from LJ's architect of limits, Brad:


at press time, the answers to the question

Is 50 posts/day for non-free users reasonable?

is 273 No votes (7.7%)


Do you understand the need for limits, in some form?
is 118 No votes (3.3%)

Now, unless the people in question 1 are concerned about posts to communities (which would be severely impacted if limited to 50 posts a day, true)- what the hell is wrong with you people? If you can post 50 times in 24 hours, you either need a job, some sleep, or to get the hell away from Quizilla.

As for Question 2- What part of "things cost money, and someone has to pay the bill" don't you 118 people get? You must be the morons whose sub-literate LJs I always get when I hit the random button. Sigh.