January 22nd, 2003


my life with the King of the Fruits

Thanks to all who sent durian links. Now I'm a bit concerned if I picked a "good" specimen:

1) I don't see any worm holes, and when I got my durian, it had frost on the spikes, implying it had been frozen prior to being offered for sale. So hopefully when I cut it open, it won't be like that scene in Poltergeist, cuz it would totally suck to open the durian, experience the stench, and not even be able to try it because something else had turned it into condos.

2) Some of the durian sites suggest shaking it and listening for tell-tale sounds that denote a "good" durian. As far as I can tell, without gloves, oven mitts, or tongs, there's no way to comfortably shake a durian. You can't grip the damn thing in both hands firmly enough to shake it without causing pain and/or punctures. I have not googled "durian shaking methods", but I suspect that I'm either missing something obvious, or that durian fans are oblivous to something as minor as sharp, stiff spikes poking their hands.

anyway, the King of the Fruits is ripening in my fridge. It's beginning to smell..quite fruity, like a VERY ripe cataloupe. Not like an open sewer...yet. I suspect that's not going to happen until I cut it open. I'm thinking tomorrow is D(urian)-Day, assuming it's not as rainy as it was today (I've already decided I'm gonna cut in outdoors, in case The King's reputation is not exaggerated).

And a note:

I've previously had durian flavored Ice cream, popsicles, and a month ago, a milkshake with black tapioca balls. So I sorta know what I'm getting into, in that I've liked durian-flavored things in the past. But anyone who's ever smelled a McDonald's strawberry milkshake before can confirm that the "x-flavored" thing often smells and tastes quite different from the original "x".

Wish me luck.
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from comments in another LJ:

Poll #94822 correlation vs. causation

correlation never implies causation. no matter how strong the correlation is.

I agree: correlation NEVER implies causation.
correlation OFTEN implies causation, but certainly not always.
I disagree: correlation and causation are 100% linked

here is the thread that inspired the poll: it is up to you whether to read the thead before voting.

EDIT: if you prefer, the second oftion can be read as "Sometimes" rather than "often". That's fine. Obviously option 2 is meant to be the "middle ground" option between "always" and "never", though I may not have chosen the best word at the time I made the poll.