January 20th, 2003

sc lara

photo essay: stupid questions:

Why I think "Is that your real hair color?" is the dumbest question I get asked at work:


The lighting is dim in my oh-so-gothy apartment, but I think you'll get the idea. Note that my color has faded since it was last touched up. Contrast the color with that of my eyebrows if you might think this color is somehow "natural" outside of anime.
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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! or, in which I have Dim Sum and purchase an infamous fruit

Sunday I went to Dim Sum in Seattle with holyoutlaw and rimrunner, who I'd known from LJ and met in person before, and two people I hadn't (bonvogue and Chris, whose LJ name I can't remember).

The food was tasty. Aside from the good company and good food, two notable things happened:

1) I tried a food that I'd never had that I was pretty sure would gross me out. But since one of our party was into it, and it's not the same as ordering an entree that you might hate, I decided to try it.

The mystery food? Tripe. It's the stomach lining of a cow. It's very chewy. I didn't like it, but at least I tried it, and more importantly, didn't spit it out. So, yay me for attempting to be open-minded.

2) I bought a fruit I've always wanted to try. It's currently in my fridge. Here's a pic of it:

Yes, I know, never eat anything bigger than your head. The fruit in question costs 79 cents a pound, and this particular specimen cost me $4.07. Considering the weight of the fruit and the much -more -hardcore -than- pineapple spikes on the fruit, you could easily hurt someone if you were to lob this baby at them.

There's something even better about this fruit. If I were to tell you the name, you might know. But as a cultural literacy test, can you 1) identify this fruit just by looking at it 2) name the thing about this fruit that makes it infamous? (hint: note the cat's interest in the fruit. that's a clue).

Note: holyoutlaw,rimrunner and das_prompt are disqualified from the above contest, because they already know. I thinktinymammoth might also remember my obsession with this fruit when we worked together: if she does, she is also disqualified from the contest.

I will reveal the answer upon eating the fruit. I will also report on the experience of eating the fruit. That is also a hint.
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