January 3rd, 2003


All is quite (sic) on New Year's Day

or, how I spent my last night of 2002.

We went to the Jive, of course. Tawnya was working and much to our mutual amazement, we both showed up wearing the same black corset, which we didn't even know the other owned. heh.

In addition to Karaoke, there was a "Match Game" style game called "Match the drunks", with a panel of "celebrity drunks" (aka Jive regulars). Our host, Gene Sunburn (aka Kurt), looked quite fetching in his wide shiny tie and cordoroy jacket, and all the questions (and some of the matches) were about The Jive or Jive regulars.

For example:

Q: "Jeff, Mark, Dan, and Scott are so ashamed to be from Spanaway that they usually claim to be from ...blank."
Best Answers: "Cleveland" and "Canada". The really funny answer (if you live around here) that no one gave would have been "Puyallup".

Q: "Scott is such a pedophile that he hangs out at......blank."
Best Answer: "The Sperm Bank".

Scott, being on the panel of celebrity drunks, chose to give the straight answer of "a day care center and a lego store", the two places he works, which is why he gets all the pedophile jokes in the first place.

Q: "Lara spilled her drink on her dress and her prom date cleaned it up with his ......blank."
Best Answer: "Retirement Check"

Yes, that's a reference to RC. The "Prom Date" is a reference to my tendency to say "That's what my prom date said" whenever it lends itself to an off-color, Beavis-style joke.

It was lots of fun to watch. The winning contestant got a can of Spam, and the loser got a bag full of Chiclets.

Rest of the night was just what you'd think- drinking cheap champagne, kissing Craig at midnight, kissing just about everyone I know on the cheek, and discussing prime numbers and the Fibonacci Sequence with Craig on the drive home.
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