December 26th, 2002


Because I watched "UHF" last night...

Poll #86756 only skin deep

Based on physical appearance alone (and NOT what you think of his contributions to American culture), who is the more attractive man?

Michael Moore (
"Weird" Al Yankovic (

Assuming he'd drop by for a beer once a month and hang out with you, which man would you prefer to have as your neighbor?

Michael Moore
"Weird" Al Yankovic
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mike vs al: the LJ interest sampler:

there may be some double-listings with the first two, but according to LJ interests, statistically, there should maybe be more of you that want Mr. Moore as a neighbor:

671 users and 18 communities are interested in weird al
414 users and 6 communities are interested in weird al yankovic
923 users and 8 Communities are interested in michael moore

See, this is why statistics can't be trusted.

now to make fun of the losers who can't fucking spell:

31 users are interested in wierd al yankovic
66 users are interested in wierd al
57 users and 2 communities are interested in micheal moore

oddly, no one is interested in "wired al".
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