December 19th, 2002


My first go ass-whipping...

After training through 20+ rounds of capture, I have now played my first full game of Go (on the 9x9 training-wheels board with a 4 stone handicap)

Final score: 39-0.


Next game I did better, actually winning because Craig coached me in a few "what would you do if you were playing this" tight spots, thus keeping me from making a few boneheaded moves and shocking me when I won. We didn't count points in that one, since it wasn't a true victory. Also, other distractions precluded another game.

I like Go.*

I like Craig.**

AND I like that I have Friday and Saturday off this weekend, thus making Thursday feel like a Friday, but with the added advantage of a 4 day work week. YAY!

*Quite a bit, but still less than I like the Magnetic Fields.

**To put it in relative terms, "Stephin who?"
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My voicemail

My voicemail has an option:

"To administer personal greetings, Press 3".

Is it just me, or does this sound ominous?

"Welcome, Mr. Bond. My assistant Jaws will now administer personal greetings."