December 12th, 2002


I am sick.

I stayed home today with some yucky throat/cough thing. Went to the doctor, and the throat culture should tell me soon if I have something awful. Considering all the germs we get exposed to at work from our differently-hygiened patrons, I wouldn't be surprised if one of us gets tuberculosis or pnuemonia or ebola one day, perhaps as divine punishment for not using the hand sanitizer we keep at the desk. But I think it's a run of the mill "thing that's been going around" bug.

Craig came over for a short time, bearing gifts of thai food to help me through my sickness, apparently remembering an offhand remark I'd made about liking fried tofu in peanut sauce (I'm pretty sure he didn't get that from my LJ "playbook", heh). It was delicious, and there's plenty for lunch tomorrow, assuming I'm okay to go to work. We watched a Flying Lizards video, he helped me do some computer stuff, and he even graciously used his Taller Than Lara7 Skillz to change the burned-out light in my kitchen that I'm 2 inches too short to reach when standing on a chair.

So yeah, things continue to go well there. And I'm not just saying that because of the unsolicited Thai Food. But that sure didn't hurt. :-)
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Einstein on fertility:

From a phonecall tonight, with a party who shall remain nameless and genderless:

P:So after {certain date}, we're going to stop using birth control.
Me: So wait- are y'all ACTIVELY trying to get pregnant?
P: Not per se, but if it happens, fine.
Me: You'll leave it up to fate?
P: Yes, we're letting God play dice with the uterus.

Guess what I have RIGHT NOW?

A) A cat in my lap
B) An open AIM window with Craig
C) Strep Throat
D) All of the above.

If you guessed "D", you win.

And I don't.

Clarification: "A" and "B" are teh win, only "C" Suxx0rs.