December 3rd, 2002


In which anonymous confession meme bites me in the ass:

Remember the anonymous confession meme? Well, it's turned quite weird. Consider this an open letter to..well, hell, I have no idea who this is to.

The story:

on 11/11/02 I got this anonymous confession in my comments:

I'm rather attracted to you.

But you seem to keep getting involved with people, and I keep feeling that the time just isn't right yet to make my feelings known more openly than this. I've thought about telling you and wondered how you'd react.

Just don't let it keep you up all night wondering who I am.

You don't have to worry about finding me on your doorstep or anything. I don't believe in stalking.

For now I'll just remain a secret admirer.

Maybe one day I'll tell you.

This one is okay. This could be someone local, or someone I’ve never met IRL. Now, I have my suspicions about who this is, but I can't say for sure. It could really be anyone who reads my LJ. No biggie.

then, on 11/12, there’s a reply to the above:

Damn. That's pretty much what I was going to post, but you beat me to it.

Again, okay. Could be anyone on LJ. No biggie.


Today, 12/3, LJ emails me this reply to the above thread:

So, yeah, you're way cute.

I don't even really know you, I've seen you around Tacoma, and was surprised to stumble across your LJ. I think we may have some mutual friends.

So, in a non-creepy non-stalker way, ditto.

Now wait just a fucking minute.

You, sir, (I'm assuming you're male, but who can say), are Mr. Understatement. You’ve “seen me around Tacoma” and “stumbled across” my LJ? I think not. "We may have some mutual friends"? Gee, ya think?!

Assuming this isn't just someone playing a joke, and this was actually penned by a Tacoman, I can't think of any situation where the above makes sense. You obviously know me somewhat (I'm guessing from the Jive, or god forbid, work), or you wouldn't be able to associate this LJ with the girl you think is cute. And unless you're already on LJ yourself, I can't think of how you would have "stumbled" across it, or how you'd know we might have mutual friends. I don't find it creepy--yet. But, I am quite curious as to who the hell you are (though obviously I have my suspicions here as well).

The anonymous posting and non-IP logging is still in effect. You've got my attention. Your move.
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