November 23rd, 2002


Memorable banter from last night at the Jive:

Jeff: What films did we miss?
Me: I showed a documentary in honor of the auspicious 39th anniversary today.
Scott: What anniversary?
Me: November 22, 1963?
Scott: {blank stare}
Me: Oh, come on! Does the name JFK ring any bells?
Jeff: Actually, there's another answer for that question, but I don't think Scott's enough of a geek to know the answer.
Me: okay...
Jeff: It's also the date that "Doctor Who" debuted on British TV.
Scott: {high-fives Jeff, calls him "nerd", as do we all}

note: this is only funny if you realize that we all continually label Scott as a pedophile, since he works with K-8 years old kids:

Scott (telling a story about an awful day at work at the daycare place): So this kid was going around saying "Fuck you" to all the other kids, and I told him to stop, and then he tried to pick a fight with me. I told him 'I'm bigger and stronger than you, don't try that' and he tried to punch me, so I ended up having to physically restrain him.
Me: And then did you get out the ball gag?

Being new to the area, I'm unfamiliar with many location based jokes.

Someone: Eh, he probably sucks cocks on 'K' Street.
Me: Huh? Why, what's on K street?
Someone else: Well, Tawnya's house, but that's beside the point...

(note- Tawnya is a friend of ours, not present this evening, and therefore fair game for such cheap shots)


Maybe more later, if I can retell them sufficently in text mode.
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